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Meet the Band

Rubik’s Cubes, Pac-Man, skinny ties and leg warmers—That 80s Band brings back the sound of the 80s Pop/Rock/New-Wave era. Comprised of Valerie Girl (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Mick Fly (Bass/Vocals), Vic Tanny (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and Rod Springfield (Drums/Vocals), That 80s Band is a fun, high-energy recreation of the 80s music scene.


This is not a modern version of everyone’s favorite 80s tunes. This is as close to going back in time as humanly possible without a Flux Capacitor and plutonium.


The experienced line-up has the capabilities (and gnarly wardrobe) to cover the most popular (Madonna, Rick Springfield) to the nostalgic one-hit wonders (Aha, Tommy Tutone). So, dig out your parachute pants, fingerless gloves, jackets with lots of zippers, practice your moonwalk, and check out this band…They’re like, totally tubular!

That 80s Band DSC_7913_edited.jpg

Valerie Girl


Good girl. Loves her mama, Jesus, and America, too. 

Originally from Reseda.

That 80s Band DSC_8387_edited.jpg

Rod Springfield

Drums/Electric things

Son of Greek immigrants. Fussy about his hair. Everyone should try his baklava. Rod Springfield is not his real name.

That 80s Band DSC_6322_edited.jpg

Mick Fly


Leads a simple life. Plays bass, paints, grills and chills, man, you know.

That 80s Band DSC_8165_edited.jpg

Vic Tanny


If you know, you know...

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